Answer: One person or organization, willing to be a part of a greater network, fueled by a common vision for the right solution.  Individuals, organizations, communities learning from each other, drawing from a comprehensive library of public policy resources and organizing tools.

 Leadership Academy Training Programs:

Be part of the Academy’s legacy of community leaders! 



LEARN TO: Manage a multi-sector coalition Ÿ Identify solutions through research actions Ÿ Use value-based messaging. Conduct political feasibility analysis for your issue Ÿ And more.

We help develop community-based leaders who can SPEAK WITH CONFIDENCE and bring forward significant numbers of people to act with them.

 We provide training and coaching to build internal organizational capacity to PROMOTE POSITIVE POLICY CHANGES with local and state officials.

We are GUIDING PARTICIPANTS through the advocacy and organizing practices they need TO BE STRONGER LEADERS.

We are establishing a NETWORK OF EXPERIENCED COMMUNITY LEADERS AND VOLUNTEERS, willing and able to work together to evaluate advocacy conditions and to implement strategies to SOLVE COMMUNITY-WIDE ISSUES.

Here you see some young people lobbying Rep Liz Malia on summer jobs. Can you find Liz?

Here’s a one page flyer ….

What does it Take to Promote Positive Change in our Communities ?