Our Mission

The mission of the Massachusetts Policy and Organizing Leadership Academy (The Academy) is to help leaders and organizations effectively and confidently participate in public life and influence the advancement of social, economic and racial justice.

Judy Meredith and Lew Finfer (photo credit: Dorchester Reporter)

Our History

The Academy is a new venture between the Public Policy Institute (PPI) and the Massachusetts Communities Action Network (MCAN).  Judy Meredith and Lew Finfer are joining forces, merging the best of their training programs and combining 60 years of “best practice” curricula and coaching into an accessible leadership program for grassroots organizations interested in promoting positive policy change in their communities. The Academy’s institutional knowledge and skill-building model is grounded in Judy and Lew’s combined 60 years of experience. For years, they’ve each demonstrated a deep knowledge of, and experience and practice in, advocacy and organizing in Massachusetts and across the country.

Building Together

Today, Judy and Lew are fine-tuning their tried and true curricula into a deeper and more comprehensive library of public policy resources and organizing tools. They are committed to creating a sustainable training and coaching Academy for the next generation of community leaders.  This combined source of training and support will prepare community members to effectively lead and mobilize a base of neighbors and friends in their community to advance the goals of social, economic and racial justice fueled by a shared philosophy of affordability and accessibility to all.

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