Lobbying on a Shoestring offers a common-sense, practical approach to political action. Premised on the idea that real people should have a real impact on the development of public policy, this powerhouse of a paperback conveys truths about the legislative process and hard-won, strategic insights. The 2018 Revised Edition gets you and your clients up and running to mobilize groups, assess the opposition, develop allies, and deploy media channels for real community change.

Here’s what people are saying about the newly-released 2018 edition of Lobbying on a Shoestring, by Judith C. Meredith and Margaret E. Monsell:

“Lobbying is hard. Lobbying on a Shoestring makes it a little easier. Written in plain language that even community organizers can understand, this guide is invaluable when considering a legislative campaign. You are going to need energy, patience, perseverance, resources—and this book!”    –Thomas Callahan, Executive Director, Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance

“Judy Meredith is a superb advocate who knows the Legislature inside out, which is a good thing because that how it’s conducted most of the time.”    –Barney Frank, US Congressman

Lobbying on a Shoestring is a smart, comprehensive step-by- step guide to winning legislation. Its description of the legislative process… is masterful. A must-read for anyone interested in promoting and passing public policy.”    –Sandy Felder, Labor Consultant, Past President SEIU 509, Past AFL-CIO National Field Director

“There’s power, mystery, and myth at the State House, where laws are passed or killed and budget needs can be met or ignored. Lobbying on a Shoestring cuts through the mystery. It gives you a step-by-step strategy and research plan for your own campaign on bills and budget issues. It helps you organize your power to engage legislators in doing what’s needed for their districts… Your commitment, plus your organization, plus the advice in this book, equals a path toward justice.”    –Lewis Finfer, Co-Director, Massachusetts Communities Action Network (MCAN)

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Chapter 1 – Introduction to Lobbying on a Shoestring

Chapter 2 – Laying the Groundwork for a Successful Campaign

Chapter 3 – Life in the Legislative Arena

Chapter 4 -Drafting and Filing the Bill

Chapter 5 – Committees and Committee Meetings

Chapter 6 – Floor Action

Chapter 7 – The Governor

Chapter 8 – The Committees on Ways and Means and the State Budget

Chapter 9 – Using the Media in a Public Policy Campaign

Chapter 10 – Implementation Blues

Appendix – Lobbying – Some Legal Considerations