Massachusetts Policy and Organizing Leadership Academy

 The world is full of complicated issues that impact our lives – critical issues including tax policy reform, climate change, and health care. Too often, potential community activists recognize problems within their own communities, but are unaware of their power – as constituents – to address those problems by organizing their friends and neighbors around an effective solution.

A new Massachusetts Policy and Organizing Leadership Academy is developing a cadre of community-based leaders who can build local networks of experienced advocates and volunteers to promote positive changes in their communities and in our Commonwealth.

We Are Starting Today.

There is deep civic disconnect now, during these unprecedented times. Cuts to community resources and political disappointments challenge the heart, mind, and energy of the average worker to make change happen, and cause immigrants and the working poor to feel even more isolated.

The Academy is ready to address the needs of organizations and citizen coalitions to get beyond barriers. The Academy is helping local networks get engaged:

  • to see their issues in the bigger picture
  • to understand the positive role and importance of government
  • to harness the energy and manage the anger into a strong action approach
  • to change the debate from accepting deficiencies to demanding equity
  • to create the space for education, agitation, and organization, and
  • to be connected to others in an advocacy process that works, and to know what works to effect change.

We are Connecting Communities.

For years, Judy and Lew have coached leaders from every sector, guiding them through a process to identify common issues and building a shared commitment to strengthen their own organizations by working together, as a network, to solve community problems.The passions and priorities of our society are led by voluntary civic organizations and citizen groups, focused on social services, the arts, health care and prevention, affordable housing, the environment and business development, to name just a few.

This leadership network model strengthens and builds bridges between these diverse institutions that form the heart of our civil society and our healthy communities.

We are Strengthening Leaders.

The Academy is guiding participants through the advocacy and organizing practices they need to be stronger leaders.

The Academy is developing community-based leaders who can speak with confidence and bring forward significant numbers of people to act with them.

The Academy is providing organizational training and coaching to build internal organizational capacity to promote positive policy changes with local and state officials.

The Academy is establishing a network of experienced community leaders and volunteers, willing and able to work together to evaluate advocacy conditions and to implement strategies to solve community-wide issues.

Special Recognition

PPI and MCAN would like to specially recognize and thank the following foundations for their early support of the Academy: The Boston Foundation and Catalyst Fund for Nonprofits and for technical assistance consultants from Third Sector: Nancy Jackson, Gammy Bird Consulting, and John Moukad, In-Context Consulting. And a BIG thank you to Hyams Foundation and Catalyst Fund for Nonprofits for the Academy’s implementation grants.  Last, but most certainly not least, thank you to the many, many sponsors of the Leadership Academy Launch Party in January!

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