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“Judy’s Real Clout Workbook tools are invaluable for community advocates. From coalition building how-to’s to the campaign activity templates, I’ve turned to Real Clout materials many, many times in the years I’ve been guiding public health advocacy campaigns. This is a go-to resource for me and when I’m coaching others to do important policy change work.”  —Kitty Jerome, national public health policy consultant

Whether you plan to play a major role in a state or local campaign, or simply want to understand your organization’s role as a member of a coalition, The Real Clout Workbook will take you from the initial good idea stage through a series of strategic thinking and doing steps. This publication may be reproduced or quoted with appropriate credit.



White Pages: Grassroots Volunteer Leaders
The white pages in each chapter are written for grassroots volunteer leaders. You are the powerful affected constituents with personal stories and a direct self-interest in promoting the desired policy change. You are willing to educate your own local public officials and try to convince them to champion your cause.

The Real Clout Workbook will explain the basic rules and tools of making positive policy change and enough about the democratic policy making process to make you appreciate your enormous power. You will find three sections in each chapter to help you understand the roots of your personal political power – the ability to influence your own elected and appointed public officials – and teach you specific techniques for exerting that power in the most efficient and effective way.

Chapter One White Pages

Chapter Two White Pages

Chapter Three White Pages

Appendix I: Lists and Charts for Grassroots Leaders


Blue Pages: Professional Advocates

The blue pages are written for the professional advocates. You work in and around the state capital, county seat or city hall for an underfunded, understaffed non-profit advocacy organization or provider agency. You may be an executive director, a lead advocate or organizer, a campaign consultant who regularly faces the three faced policy change monster: a compelling public policy problem that must be solved RIGHT NOW; a confusing array of policy openings and opportunities, and of course, not nearly enough time or resources to do everything you think must be done.

Like the stone-covered beach, The Real Clout Workbook includes the standard overwhelming list of tried and true strategic activities for each stage of the campaign. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed or discouraged by the list. You got this book because your work and personal beliefs have taught you that some public policies are uninformed or wrong headed and need to be changed. And you want to change them. So go to it. Just start reading.

Chapter One Blue Pages

Chapter Two Blue Pages

Chapter Three Blue Pages

Appendix II: Lists and Charts for Professional Advocates



Appendix III

Author’s Note
This workbook is based on and is a companion piece to Real Clout: A How-To Manual for Community Activists Trying to Expand Healthcare Access by Changing Public Policy, written by Judith C. Meredith and Catherine M. Dunham.

The Real Clout Workbook was primarily written by Judy Meredith, with the support of Cathy Dunham. SueJeanne Koh and Jennifer Kennedy each developed and wrote certain sections of the workbook and also provided extensive editing, design and layout support.

Lori Fresina and Judy Meredith developed the Advocacy Power Prism concept to capture the campaign model used by the Alliance for a Healthy New England, a campaign initiated in 2000 by Community Catalyst, the New England Division of the American Cancer Society, and the Council of New England State Medical Societies.