I bet you can think of 10 MORE reasons why your organization might not want to spend the time and energy to reorganize you existing resources in order plan and implement a campaign to promote positive policy change in your town, in your county or in your state.

I can hear the groans from here– one more consulting firm with one more strategic planning model. Yuuuk!!  Well, we’re not talking about strategic planning here, we’re talking about strategic doing. That’s right strategic doing — a series of doable straightforward tasks that lead your organization down a path from listening, to research, to planning,  to action and to winning.

Organizing for Change

Community organizations often organize others; this training program helps leaders, board members and staff of community-based groups develop the capacity to organize themselves. Strengthen internal capacity to advocate for social, economic and racial justice by working together with others to plan and implement a campaign to promote a positive policy change within a public or private institution.

What you’ll learn and practice:

  • Review standards and principles of campaign strategies to implement internally
  • Problem dissection & setting research objectives
  • Building & managing a campaign coalition
  • Developing a shared decision-making process
  • Community organizing
  • Message development
  • Media relations
  • Grassroots leadership development
  • Advocacy skill building

Lew and Judy can come to your organization at your convenience and in two 2 hour sessions get you on the path to change and pointed in the right, we mean left, direction. Sorry for the bad pun.

Peace in these hard times,

Judy and Lew

Judy Meredith and Lew Finfer (photo credit: Dorchester Reporter)