They weren’t at the picket line on Wed morning but at the news of the lockout,  Senate President Therese Murray and two House lawmakers on Wednesday called a decision by Entergy to lock out Pilgrim nuclear plant workers “unacceptable” and raised concerns about plant security.

“It is extremely disappointing to learn that Entergy has once again locked out the workers from the Pilgrim plant,” Murray said in a statement with Reps. Thomas Calter (D-Kingston) and Vinny deMacedo (R-Plymouth).

“This action is unacceptable as it serves only to undermine the security of the plant and exacerbate the existing unease and safety concerns surrounding the nuclear site.  The workers are ready, willing and able to continue the safe and professional operation of the plant as contract negotiations continue.  Entergy should reconsider this lockout.  The workers and the community deserve a better response.”

From the Plymouth Daily News :

Contract negotiations between Entergy, owner of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, and UWUA Local 369, which represents many workers there, came to a sudden end when plant workers were escorted from the building at midnight, Tuesday.

That was when the contract, which had already been extended twice, expired. According to Union President Dan Hurley, he and his negotiating team were at the bargaining table waiting for Entergy representatives to return when the lockout was implemented. Some union workers, Hurley said, began picketing as soon as they left the facility. By Wednesday morning, they were joined by about 60 co-workers at the plant’s main entrance.