There’s no secret for how to win the policy change you’re looking for, just a series of planning and organizing activities that add up to a campaign.  Start by learning how the policy-making process works: the Real Clout textbook was written to serve as a how-to manual for community activists who, for one reason or another, need to figure out how their state or county government really works.  Then embark on campaign planning: the companion Real Clout Workbook walks professional and volunteer advocates step-by-step from strategic thinking to strategic doing.

“Judy’s Real Clout Workbook tools are invaluable for community advocates. From coalition building how-to’s to the campaign activity templates, I’ve turned to Real Clout materials many, many times in the years I’ve been guiding public health advocacy campaigns. This is a go-to resource for me and when I’m coaching others to do important policy change work.”  —Kitty Jerome, national public health policy consultant

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