You have made detailed plans – delegations from 10 different communities from all over the state have hired buses, posted pictures in the local press, notified their legislative delegations they are coming. You’ve been lobbying this bill for 4 years. Last year you found yourself in competition with a pro life demonstration on the front steps that featured and young man in a tunic tied (loosely) to an 8 ft wooden cross while white clad ladies knelt around him. Meanwhile a welfare rights group objecting to benefit cuts, marched passed them up the capital steps carrying a child sized (empty) coffin and passed right by a sister city display from Japan featuring 12 ladies in beautiful kimonos offering snacks.

The Speaker has publicly acknowledged acknowledged your hard work.

You have the best sponsor ready to go to the wall for you when you get to her office.

But still you aren’t gtting attention… And then you see a delegation of Senior citizens

Can you top this? Hint – you can’t. So back to basics and go back to your planning.

from Chapter 2 of Lobbying on Shoestring