Congratulations!! You got through the first step –finding sponsors to file your amendments.  Here is where you can find them all neatly numbered with a list of cosponsors

Now remember there is still time to get more cosponsors.  Reps can go down to the Clerks office and sign on to co-sponsor your  amendment until just before the amendment is taken up in a Budget Caucus sometime next week.

So keep up your calls to Reps that have not made it down to the Clerks office yet to cosponsor your amendment.

And then comes some really important work.

I got this note yesterday from a dear colleague reminding us all.

Hi— Just a friendly reminder to everyone, that as gratifying as it is to see so many co-sponsors on the amendment, we must remember that merely signing on to the amendment will not be enough to prevail next week.  Signing on is the easy part — we need all co-sponsors to contact the Speaker and HW& M Chair and specifically convey their support for our amendment. 

So you should do it. You have today and tomorrow and the weekend to contact your list of co sponsors and potential cosponsors, thank them profusely and ask them to send a little note to the Speaker and the Chair of Ways and Means in support of your amendment.

What Next #2  coming up.