It doesn’t have to be fancy with a constant contact layout  or on a letterhead,  but it does need to be clear and specific.

Please find here in its entirety a memo from from Lew Finfer to his grassroots activists working on youth development, violence prevention and youth jobs.

There are 2 main asks to make of your legislators now:

1. To co-sponsor budget amendments to restore funding cut by House Ways and Means or increase it–see below for the two windows of time they can do this, one between now and tomorrow afternoon and the other up to April 24 and see below for the state legislator who is filing the amendment and your legislators should call that person’s office saying they want to co-sponsor the amendment.

2. Asking them to attend the Caucus Meetings on these budget amendments with House leadership to fight for these amendments which are held April 24-26 during the budget debate week; see below for details

1. Between now and Friday Afternoon, call you state representatives and ask them to co-sponsor these budget amendments, see below,  by calling the named legislator(s) who are sponsoring each of the ones that’s important to your organization.