So, Senator Pat Jehlen actually used the word in a State House News Video.

In an election year. In the face of solemn promises from Legislative Leaders that there will be no new taxes, not to forstall threatened service cuts and fare increases that seem to be inevitable.

So says the Transportation Secretary and the MBTA Acting General Manager in the Globe on Tuesday March 13.

In a letter to T riders Tuesday, state Transportation Secretary Richard A. Davey and MBTA Acting General Manager Jonathan Davis thanked customers for feedback in a series of public hearings over the proposal that ended Monday night. But they warned that more service cuts or fare increases may be needed one year from now.

“The system we have today we cannot afford and the system we want is well beyond reach,” the letter said. “Unfortunately, without a new dedicated revenue source, we know we will be back in this very place next year.

“This is your system,” the letter concluded. “Long after we’re gone, customers will still have a need and desire for a public transit option. The decisions we make today will have a lasting impact on this system, and we thank you for remaining engaged in this process.”

You’re Welcome, I guess.