Do you have an answer to this basic question?  What is pubic policy Anyway? At Real Clout we say that policy are rules made by people in authority to control others in their family, workplace, government. Ask a room of youngsters to tell you what family policies that hate most and they will come up with a list from bedtime, to restrictions on TV. Ask them who makes family policy and some will say my Mother, some will say my Father.

Ask a room full of parents to raise their hands if they are the ones to make family policy and mostly Moms raise their hands. Ask the ones who enforce family policy to rise their hands and more Dads will admit they are the enforcers.

Ask a roomful of  workers who makes policy about dress code and other work rules and they will say management – and if they are organized into a union they will talk how they participate in collective bargaining.

Ask an angry group of angry citizens who makes policy about toxic waste being dumped in the river that runs through their village or a health center closing and they will be confused – local government, state government of federal government.

Real Clout is a handbook designed to help ordinary citizen figure out what to do next. You can download  Chapter 1 of Real Clout free here