Just enough for you to know  from the venerable Mass Budget and Policy Center:  An (actually easy to read) analysis of the Governor’s proposals:  Watch here for a detailed report when the Governor files his budget on January 23.  

In recent days, the Governor has introduced three major policy initiatives. 1) Increased funding for education, from early ed. through college. 2) Fixes and improvements to strengthen our transportation system. 3) A revenue plan that would pay for these initiatives. Taken together, these proposals represent a significant new effort to invest in our people, our infrastructure, and the long-term economic prospects of our state.

Among other things, the Governor’s proposals include:

  • Significantly more funding for Early Education & Care, to help ensure that lower-income families have access to the kind of high-quality child care that helps prepare young children for success in school and in life.
  • A combination of sales taxes decreases and income tax increases that would help fund these investments in education and transportation with $1.9 billion in new revenues—while also making the state’s tax system more fair.

What follows is a first analysis of the Governor’s proposals, including how they would affect Early Education & Care, K-12, Higher Ed., Transportation, the Sales Tax, and the Income Tax.