Klisman, Felipa, Elizandra, Lucy, Elisa and Paulo De Barros ED of St Peter’s Teen Center

These great kids not only made it to an 8:30 am Leadership Program at Catholic Charities St Peter’s Teen Center in Dorchester every morning, but they stayed the whole 6 weeks and paid attention!  They were representing other Counselors in Training and Peer Leaders from the St Peter’s Teen Center who had participated in two community meetings on the Boston’s Public School’s student  assignment meetings earlier in the spring.

The meetings were held at the Teen Center and sponsored by Cape Verdean Community Unido and the Boston School Department and provided the opportunity for parents, students and other residents of the Bowdoin Geneva area to share their ideas about how to improve the school assignment process.

These teens were ready to try and figure out some solutions of their own. And they did! To check out their program and the solutions they came up with check  here and download a power point they learned from and developed.