The mission of the Massachusetts Policy and Organizing Leadership Academy (The Academy) is to help leaders and organizations effectively and confidently participate in public life and influence the advancement of social, economic and racial justice.
The Path To Change from Mel King and "do something"

The Path To Change from Mel King and “do something”

Those of us who were in attendance at the January 25 session where Mel King shared with us the lessons he learned as an organizer in Boston are still digesting those words of wisdom and trying to integrate them into their work. We are still editing the video we took that night into some 15 minute...
The Cycle of Organizing

The Cycle of Organizing

At the Mass Leadership’s January 25 session called Organizing for Change, Lew Finfer did not have time to walk people through this particular handout ¬†called the Cycle of Organizing. As an introduction Lew writes ……….. Listen Challenge Act Organizing is about listening, challenging people to come forward on their deeply felt interest, and acting together;...

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